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Air Conditioning

Central Air Conditioning Systems have become an increasingly common living standard. It is our task to design a system that will work efficiently in your home. Since we collaborate with you to build the new system it helps to understand how Air Conditioning Systems work. We’ll be there to inform you on how everything works in the system we design for you. Here’s a brief technical overview on how a central air conditioning system typically works and how we take care of Home Air Conditioning Installation Service Los Angeles, California, South Bay for you.

You may be familiar with the large box-like fan units in people’s backyards. This is called a Condensing Unit. The Condensing Unit houses the Compressor. The function of the Compressor is to change the refrigerant from gas into liquid by applying pressure. Since this process produces a lot of heat the fan blows out the excess heat.

The keystone to Air Conditioning is cycling a refrigerant from liquid to gas and back to liquid again. A refrigerant is a chemical compound that has properties which allow it to evaporate at relatively low temperatures. When the liquid refrigerant evaporates, heat is absorbed, and it becomes a cold gas.

Simultaneously, while the refrigerant is being manipulated, the existing air inside of your home is being vacuumed through the air vent(s). This air travels through filters placed inside of the furnace. Despite the connotation of its name, the furnace unit plays a significant role in cooling the air.

Starting from the Condensing Unit, the hot liquid refrigerant travels up a pipe into the A/C system inside your home to the evaporator. The evaporator, like the name implies, evaporates the refrigerant and is adjacent to the furnace. Through this process the refrigerant becomes a cold gas and travels through a series of coils. It’s at this point that the removed air from your home meets with these coils. A nearby fan, sometimes known as a blower, will ventilate the room temperature air through the cold coils and the cold air will be vented throughout your house.

After the refrigerant travels through these coils a separate pipe will lead it back outside to the condensing unit. Where the refrigerant gas will be turned into liquid again, thus completes the cycle.

There are a lot of individual components working with each other like an orchestra. Being informed about the process will help you communicate your needs and concerns. Together, with your help, we’ll conduct the design you decide to implement.

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